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The Company

The philosophy is of a continuous stylistic research combined with a highly personalized service focused on Made in Italy. Most fabrics created by Qubo have been studied to meet the performance levels requested in contract interior design: they are flame retardant, stain-resistant, and resistant to wear, light, abrasion and sweat.

Qubo is made up of a dynamic team of professionals, who guarantee the highest quality for their customers combined with a great creativity and innovation for years.
Qubo introduces absolute innovations for upholstery use in both residential, hospitality and commercial landscapes , through a range proposal made by new yarns and new raw materials, as a result of state-of-the-art production techniques put at the service of aesthetics, creativity, functionality, and ecology of materials.

Our Mission

Qubo serves architectural studios, designers and companies all over the world with its versatile range of creations, providing not only technological know-how and completely autonomous production line, but also the consultancy of highly qualified technicians because in the contract world selectivity requires a certain preparation, constant updates and tailor-made services. The experience and the knowledge of our staff allow us to work at international level, always ensuring high standards of quality and professionalism.

Our Vision

All the collections offer a variety of options and matching possibilities that can meet multiple tastes in interior design: thanks to the continuous investment in research and innovation, Qubo has been able to meet the needs of first-rate international companies operating in the field of upholstered furniture.


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